• “We had a good experience with Continental Regional Center, fast response and good customer service.”

    CRC Project III, LP – Renaissance Village Rancho Belago

  • “Though never set my eyes on the promoters or employees of CRC, my family and I are very thankful for their professionalism.  The level of thoroughness of their documentation, interface on emails and phone conversations is commendable.”

    E.O.R. | NIGERIA
    CRC Project III, LP – Renaissance Village Rancho Belago

  • “Our experience at CRC was great. We were kept up to date with the process and all our questions were addressed in a timely manner. We really appreciate all the welcoming help and assistance.”

    CRC Project II, LP – Contintental Medical Plaza

  • “From the very first moment we had a good feeling, not only because the business plan seemed to be very reasonable and safe, but also because all the people we met who work there.”

    CRC Project III, LP – Renaissance Village Rancho Belago

  • “Our EB-5 immigration journey started in 2013 to identify a credible regional center with the right project that we could invest in. We worked with Continental Regional Center, Murrieta, California resulting in the submission of our I-526 petition in February 2014 and ultimate approval in March 2016. This provided the opportunity for my family and I to relocate to the USA in 2016. We have since, through the Regional Center filed our removal of condition from our green card with USCIS and have received approval. In addition, the Regional Center has paid us back our original investment. Now we are fully ready to explore new adventures. This is to appreciate all the staff and management of Continental Regional Center for all the hard work that has gone into the entire process. We could not have had a better partner. The process works!”

    E.O.R. | NIGERIA
    CRC Project III, LP – Renaissance Village Rancho Belago

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