EB-5 Success Story: Project II

Project II - An EB-5 Success Story

Continental Regional Center Project II is a notable success story and testament to the EB-5 Program, and with the Program’s renewal, we are eager to accomplish more successes. The following is an analysis of the EB-5 process using Continental Medical Plaza as a case study.

Following the Path of Project II

Continental Regional Center allocated the $3.5 Million in EB-5 funds to a bridge loan. CRC submitted the investment project to USCIS, and their approval allowed our Project II investors to start their EB-5 investment journey.

The investors then submitted their USCIS I-526 petition for approval. Once approved, the investors sent their petition to the National Visa Center and underwent the 

consular interview process. After a successful interview, the investor received their Conditional Green Card, which allowed them to move their family to the United States and ultimately obtain their Social Security Card. After arriving in the U.S., the investor had to complete a two-year sustainment period and submit a USCIS I-829 petition for USCIS approval.

 Upon approval, the investor’s conditions on permanent resident status were removed. Lastly, per the offering documents, Continental Medical Plaza was sold once notification was received that all Project II EB-5 investors obtained USCIS I-829 petition approvals. The investors’ initial investment capital was repaid, resulting in a mutually beneficial transaction for the real estate developer, regional center, and our EB-5 investors.

Creating 100 New Jobs

As a result of actual eligible capital expenditures, the 


Project created 100 new jobs from its inception to September 30, 2019. In addition, Industrial Output (or Total Regional Sales) has increased by approximately $14.7 million, and Total Household Earnings have increased one time by about $4.9 million. Investors reside across the U.S., including Virginia, Texas, Washington, and California.

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