Overcoming Issues with COVID-19

Renaissance Villages Overcame Issues with COVID-19

2020 was not without its share of challenges. For Renaissance Village Rancho Belago, this was no different. The senior living community encountered issues with COVID-19 infiltrating the community. However, LaTonya Davis, Executive Director, and her staff rose to the occasion. They worked closely with the California Department of Public Health and under the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s guidelines to protect residents and staff alike.

The community partnered together to do whatever was necessary to decrease the virus’s spread and were flexible and patient with the day-to-day changes throughout the year. In addition, these guidelines and restrictions also enabled the team to be innovative in how they kept residents and staff engaged and appreciated.

issues with COVID-19

Creative Ways of Engaging Residents

Renaissance Village Rancho Belago’s team created individual activity packets that allowed residents to participate in activities even though they couldn’t do so in group settings. In addition, staff worked hard to bring the fun to residents by hosting various holiday parades, opportunities to reflect on gratefulness, and even bringing Santa down the community’s halls. Although the year was challenging, it was not without opportunities to make great days for residents in new ways.

Renaissance Village Rancho Belago also showed appreciation to the staff who made sacrifices and remained faithful to their jobs and residents. The way they loved and honored residents through this time did not go unnoticed. As such, we provided meals, T-shirts, and other fun opportunities for staff throughout the year.

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Communities Coming Together

Just like its sister location, Renaissance Village Murrieta faced challenges with COVID-19. Brian Taube, Executive Director, and staff worked hard to protect residents and the team. They also worked closely with the California Department of Public Health and under the CDC’s guidelines. We’re also grateful to the numerous local businesses and resident families that provided additional PPE for staff and thoughtful gifts for residents, especially during this holiday season. Renaissance Village Murrieta is also partnering with CVS Pharmacy to bring vaccine clinics to the community for residents and staff interested in receiving the vaccine.

issues with COVID-19

The Activities Director worked hard to provide opportunities for residents to enjoy activities with one another. She also brought innovative ways of incorporating live entertainment more frequently on the back patio. In addition, she created great activity packets for residents that engaged and provided learning opportunities.

Partnering with ONR, Inc.

Renaissance Village Murrieta is now in partnership with ONR, Inc. Trevor Stokes, Director of Rehabilitation, is overseeing this initiative. This partnership is well-aligned and allows residents and members of the outside community to receive orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation services. These services include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. In addition, it provides a proactive and preventive medical approach for residents to address concerns or needs they may have. ONR will serve as an outpatient clinic and is available to all residents. This partnership will greatly differentia Renaissance Village Murrieta from its competitors, and we look forward to seeing this program grow and flourish within the community.

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