Now Accepting New Residents

Accepting New Residents in Murrieta

Renaissance Village Murrieta also faced the impacts of COVID-19 and quickly adapted its policies to protect residents and staff. Following in the steps of Renaissance Village Rancho Belago, Murrieta also took swift action to address the situation to control and minimize the spread of the virus.

Reopening Dining & Salon

The community’s Dining Room reopened for all three meals and now provides two different reserved dining times for residents. In addition, to-go options are available for residents that do not feel comfortable eating in the Dining Room.

Renaissance Village Murrieta also invited Laura, the beautician, back to the community to care for residents’ personal grooming care needs. Appointments are required and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition, Laura and the resident also wear face masks during the appointment, and the salon is cleaned and disinfected after each use.

Now Accepting New Residents

The community is now accepting new residents for move-in. The move-in process was modified to ensure the safety of current residents, new residents, and employees. Furthermore, those interested in moving into Renaissance Village Murrieta can tour the

New Residents

community virtually with the Director of Community Relations. New residents must also receive two negative COVID-19 tests as close together as possible before their move-in. On move-in day, they are also asked to quarantine for 14 days or wait for their second test results to come in, whichever comes first. In addition, our staff also assists residents with moving in their belongings.

Visiting With Family

Renaissance Village Murrieta is also offering the opportunity for family members and friends to schedule 30-minute time slots to visit with their loved one face to face in designated outdoor areas of the community. Visitors are limited to two and must also have their temperature checked and answer a visitor questionnaire before visiting the resident. In addition, everyone must also wear a mask and practice social distancing during their visit. Visitation areas are also sanitized between appointments.

To learn more about Renaissance Village Murrieta, visit Continental East – Fund VI, LLC.

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