General David Petraeus Speaks at EB-5 Advocacy Conference

Calling Attendees to Support Veterans

General David Petraeus

IIUSA was excited to kick off this year’s EB-5 Advocacy Conference with a fireside chat with General David Petraeus discussing the importance of continued workforce development for veterans and the role that the EB-5 Program can play in hiring those who served our nation. The General’s former colleague, Ramin Asgard, (now of Mona Shah & Associates Global) joined him for the discussion.

General Petraeus called on all those in attendance to help ensure that all those who served in uniform are ensured employment

opportunities when they leave the service. The IIUSA Board of Directors was honored to answer the General’s call by officially voting to establish an ad hoc IIUSA Committee for Veterans Affairs. The committee held its first meeting during the conference.

IIUSA and the newly established Veterans Committee will work to promote workforce development for our veterans.

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