Innovative Approaches to Senior Care at Renaissance Villages

Renaissance Village Rancho Belago Receives Positive Feedback from CNA

Senior Care

Renaissance Village Rancho Belago (RVRB) recently worked with CNA, one of the largest U.S. commercial property and casualty insurance companies. The purpose of this partnership is to undergo a Risk Control Assessment of the community. During this assessment, companies identify and manage the risk exposures across their businesses. In addition, the RVRB management deemed the feedback they received as very positive documentation.

The Team’s Hard Work

During the CNA representative’s assessment , she also mentioned that out of the thousands of facilities she visits, Rancho Belago has to be one of the top three. In addition, she was also impressed with our documentation methodology. Moreover, the rep also shared that our operational follow-up system and reported that RVRB is beautiful and well-maintained.

Judith Pierfax, Regional Executive Director, also shared that the audit validated the hard work our team. It also puts in to ensure the quality of care and maintain the building in compliance with internal policies and external regulations. In addition, it let the management team know that we are heading in the right direction. Likewise, it also indicates the systems we are implementing from years of experience are working.

Transitioning from Assisted Living to Memory Care: Ms. J’s Story

Renaissance Village Rancho Belago is a purpose-built community. That is to say, it provides opportunities for residents to age in place whenever possible as their care needs change. Sometimes that means a transition from assisted living to our secured memory care setting. For example, Ms. J., one of our earliest residents, is an excellent case of a successful transition.

The early indicators for Ms. J. were minor. Over time, she began to need reminders to do things such as bathe and change her clothes. Throughout all these changes, we kept in close contact with the designated family member. In addition, we knew that memory care would be the next step, and wanted to manage the change as well as possible.

Senior Care

Making the Transition

We first wanted to get Ms. J. comfortable and familiar with the activities and care staff from memory care. For example, we accomplished this by “day-tripping” Ms. J. to memory care for activities. We explained that we needed her assistance in running activities, which was a powerful motivator. As a result, she was always positive about going to memory care for the day because she was excited to help. In addition, this program was beneficial because Ms. J. was beginning to struggle with activities in assisted living and started isolating herself.

Ms. J.’s loved ones also assisted in going the extra mile in preparing her new apartment. In addition, Ms. J. would downsize and need smaller furniture. So, her family purchased new furniture very similar in style and also painted it to match her existing bedroom set. Consequently, this attention to detail ensured she entered her new environment with as many familiar things as possible. Ms. J. now participates in almost every activity and is also comfortable in her new apartment.

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Increased Growth at Renaissance Village Murrieta

Ashley Percia, Director of Community Relations at Renaissance Village Murrieta, states that our community continues to be a real success story. During 2018 we enjoyed increased leasing activity. In addition, Renaissance Village Murrieta received City of Murrieta final approvals and certificate of occupancies for the entire community.

The approvals include the Assisted Living Tower, Memory Care Villa and two additional villas, one of which will serve as a more intimate Assisted Living building.

Assisted Living Villas

According to Lydia Percia the new Assisted Living Villa will open by February 2019. Lydia also serves as Vice President of both Renaissance Villages. She is also a licensed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly administrator. In addition, she feels “there is a real need to provide alternative care for residents who need a little more care that would not be available in the traditional Assisted Living setting.”

The new villa will offer up to 20 beds and provide a more intimate setting. In addition, the villa features its own amenities similar to that of the Assisted Living Tower. Moreover, our Assisted Living Villa is also excellent for short-term stays such as those recovering from surgery or illness.

Lastly, to learn more about Renaissance Village Murrieta, visit Continental East – Fund VI, LLC.

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